Friday, June 18, 2010

My Dream House | Alicia Hanson

Well some of you will find it to be no surprise that my dream house resembles a garage.
Barton Myers is an amazing architect in Los Angeles. His firm designs projects from residences to large urban developments. My favorite house is his own house that was a working experiment to address his taste and the environment where the residence is located, specifically fire danger. The home is located in Toro Canyon, Montecito California. The house is comprised of 4 pavillons. To preserve against wild fire danger the pavillon roofs are comprised of recirculation pools that double as reflecting pools at this terrace home. The home also has steel roll up doors that enable to house to be completely shut if a fire does come through.

He has since built another smiliar house in Santa Barbara. I want to build something similar someday with large roll up glass garage doors.

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Anonymous said...

oh goodness alicia - it is totally my dream too to have those roll up doors! so glad to find you here :)