Monday, August 9, 2010

Vanillawood - Design Build Live

I was reading the Interior Design Blog and came across a new post about Portland's Vanillawood. I love how the name invokes a smell. I love the concept they are doing of being a one stop design studio with a focus on bringing eco design style to people. We have a store in Orange County that has some similarities to this concept called The Road Less Traveled. I can appreciate the modern style of Vanillawood. They definitely have a good eye. Vanillawood offers a design-friendly inventory of fabrics, wallpaper, lighting, mirrors, rugs, and objects for sale. While there, visitors can also check out their custom upholstery, furniture, and built-in cabinetry offerings in which the couple specializes.


NWCF said...
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NWCF said...

They truly do have a great eye for design. We provided reclaimed Douglas-fir paneling, planks and timbers for this showroom and the end result turned out amazing! Well done.